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The Honey Bee

Did you know there are three types of honey bees and each one has a specific job to do in the colony?

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Why We Need Bees

If it wasn't for the very active life of the Honey Bee, many of the fruits and vegetables we eat everyday would never exist. Bee pollination is responsible for at least 30% of the world's crops and 90% of its wild flowers.

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What is Colony Collapse Disorder?

In 2006, Hackenberg Apiaries lost 80% of their hives due to Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). CCD is a highly unusual hive condition where the adult honey bee population becomes low or non-existent, with a live queen in the hive, and no trace of dead honey bees. The cause of this strange condition has yet to be discovered.

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Pollination Page

See how Hackenberg Apiaries transports their valuable bee hives. Click the button below.

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Trucking Page

Hackenberg Apiaries is a licensed trucking and shipping company, and works hard to maintain their equipment as well as their driving record. Click the button for more information.

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Products Page

Carefully crafted and delicious products straight from our apiary. All of our products originate from our own bees. Click the button for a list of the current available products.

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